About Us

Who we are ?

ARSIOTIS T.J. SAFES imports and supplies high security and high quality products all certified under European or American standards. Are officially tested from worldwide acknowledged laboratories and manufactured from esteemed leading manufacturers in their field.

Our range of products includes SAFE BOXES ,VAULT DOORS ,FIRE RESISTANT document and data CABINETS ,DEPOSIT SAFES ,CASHIER SAFES, SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES , HOTEL SAFES, GUN SAFES and any other relevant product that offers physical security.

Been the natural evolvement of the manufacturing company D. P. Arsiotis Ltd that was producing and trading its products under the brand name “Arsiotis” we also offer servicing and spare parts for all “Arsiotis” products, supplied since its establishment back to 1973.

What we can do for you ?

Without any commitment from your side we visit your premises - if needed, discuss your specific needs, suggest the best solutions for your case and finally we submit our offer with all the possible options.

We can assure you that it only takes a little time to inform you about the different categories and kinds of safes available and to explain you the purpose of each one, so you can be sure that eventually you chose the correct construction for your needs.

We offer servicing and maintenance to your existing safe-box, fire cabinet or any other physical security structure as well as replacing of mechanical key with High Level electronic ones.



Years of Experience

Why Choose Us?

We enjoy a trustworthy name built through the years from the many satisfied customers who experienced and finally were convinced from our commitment to quality as well as from the solutions we offered them to satisfy their individual needs.

With our multi-year experienced personnel we are committed to offer always the very same high quality of products as well as pre and after sales service.

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